You have to BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world.

I came across a post on social media today where the individual talks about the economy and have their entire focus on the recession they believe is approaching. It reminded me of the importance of something very important. “Our thoughts are constantly creating our reality.” When a large group of people come together and focusContinue reading “You have to BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world.”

The Universe has your back

When HYL spills into your coffee mug… When what you live by is imbued in everything.. When you are sipping your morning tea and this cute little Unicorn reminds you with each sip that “You’re Amazing just the way you are”, when your Inner Child feels loved and warm and fuzzy, how can you notContinue reading “The Universe has your back”

Life can be easy if you choose it.

I recently attended a few events which had speakers come up and talk about their lives and how they overcame so much. Its inspiring to see people do that. I also see a trend of putting struggle and hard work on a pedestal. Most individuals believe and propagate the belief that life is meant toContinue reading “Life can be easy if you choose it.”

Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream…

When you are connected to the Source at all times, inspiration flows through many channels. Today as I sang this nursery rhyme to and with my beautiful baby girls,(I am a mom to two beautiful twin girls) , it dawned on me.. Bing Crosby was on to something.. He was on to Abraham’s message.. RowContinue reading “Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream…”

Law of Attraction is…

For years people were not aware of the existence of Gravity and didn’t understand it’s principles. Yet Gravity existed. Had it not, we would have been flying around aimlessly, not grounded..we would not have really survived come to think of it. We would not have experienced the joys of living on earth, having a house,Continue reading “Law of Attraction is…”

Emotions – our Inner GPS System

We are either looking up to God to help us, to give us answers, to guide us, to provide us with solutions Or we are blaming God for how miserable our life is, for not helping us, for letting us suffer, for all that is wrong in the world. But most of us are notContinue reading “Emotions – our Inner GPS System”

Whatever you give attention to in your thoughts, is becoming your life experience

The Law of Attraction is absolute. Whatever you are thinking in this moment, whatever you are reading and whatever emotion this thought is eliciting within you in this moment is becoming a point of attraction and you begin to attract matching experiences to it. If you are giving attention to things that are not makingContinue reading “Whatever you give attention to in your thoughts, is becoming your life experience”

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