You have to BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world.

I came across a post on social media today where the individual talks about the economy and have their entire focus on the recession they believe is approaching.

It reminded me of the importance of something very important. “Our thoughts are constantly creating our reality.”

When a large group of people come together and focus on the same thought, what do you think is going to occur? They are creating a stronger thought form by focusing their energy strongly on it. We live in a Yes Universe. The Law of Attraction is going to comply and bring about the experience to match that thought form.

Imagine when almost the entire country is focused on a thought. Imagine the amount of energy they are creating my dreading an outcome, in this case a recession. What you resist in thought, persist in your experience. If you are focused on what you don’t want, you are going to create more of the same. That is the Law. Isn’t the evidence we see enough to support it?

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I believehe was almost onto something. You have to BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world. If YOU believe there is lack in your life,struggle is a part of life, resources in this world are limited, there isn’t enough for everyone, the system is failing you, world is not a safe place, what are you going to create in your experience? It’s simple. Matching experiences that support that belief.

If you keep criticising the world around,focus on all that is going wrong, what are you going to create? More of the same, isn’t it?

Why don’t we begin to focus on the change we really want? And the first step is to begin to change our reality. If you want peace and love, begin by loving yourself and extending the same to everyone around you. If you want the world to be kind, begin by being kind to yourself first and then everyone around you. Be kind to a stranger. Light the flame of kindness and love in other’s heart. How can you truly love another when you don’t know how to love yourself? If you want to see abundance in the world, be-come abundant in your thoughts first. If you want the world to prosper, choose prosperity thoughts in your mind first. Be-come prosperous in your feelings.

If you wish to see a political system that works for the good of everyone, first start with changing your relationship with yourself. First be-come aware of the Cooperative Universe you live in where everything is always working out for you.

Let’s Be-gin to expect good experiences, happy experiences, brilliant experiences to come around in our reality instead of dreading everything in life. Let’s stop complaining about how the country is in shambles and begin to look for positive aspects in everything. Be-gin by looking for positive aspects in your Day to Day life.

Someone created the phrase “Charity begins at home” What they meant, in my opinion,is, “Change you seek outside,Be-gins within you. Life is here for you. Are you ready to Be there for Life?

Are you ready to stop complaining? Are you ready to Begin the process of change within yourself? Can you imagine the changes that are bound to come about when we all unite in love for ourselves and for others? When more and more and more of us believe that there is enough for everyone and that the Universe always has our back? Let’s

Instead of thinking there is a system that isn’t working, let’s spend some time each day in visualising the changes we desire in its place. Let’s see the economy as we want it to be, let’s visualise enough resources available to everyone, let’s visualise abundance and a flourishing country and world. When all of us come together in our thoughts and belief, the change on the outside has to come.

Let’s begin by looking for the smallest of the smallest positive aspects in everything. Let’s Be-gin the change within. Let us Be the change we want to see in the world. Blessed Be!