*Women cannot have a successful career and create a family too*

*Men should not cry*

*You have to sacrifice your happiness to make others happy*

*You have to work really hard to achieve anything in life*

*Things don’t come easily to me*

*I am not smart enough*

*Life is unfair*

*Others are more blessed than I am*

*Others have more advantages than I ever got*

*I always have to wait for what I want*

*Money doesn’t grow on trees*

*Resources are limited on this planet, so there isn’t enough for everyone*

*You can only succeed if you are better than others*

*Others happiness comes first, if you think of your own happiness, you are selfish*

Does any of these ☝️ beliefs seem familiar to you?These are just a few limiting beliefs that limit us from creating a full life for ourselves.Greetings Everyone! Would you like to work consistently on inner self, identifying your old programming and release the old so that you can invite the new in. Would you like to create a more positive mindset, and learn to love yourself..

You can take the first step with me I am beginning the “You Can Heal Your Life” Group Book Study from _

*19th January from 9:15pm to 10pm every Wednesday*

*This would be a commitment of 7 to 8 months… We meet every week (4 weeks in a month)* and not just read the book, but as a Heal Your Life Teacher and Life coach I take you through various exercises, processes, meditations, affirmation work, inner child work and much more …The group work, and sharings lead to bigger breakthrough. You would witness deepening of self love, self esteem and positive shifts in all areas of your life. We explore Louise’s teachings through the book and as a Licensed Heal Your Life Coach, I take you through various tools to help you make long term changes in your thought patterns and help you identify and release your fears, limiting beliefs and so much more.

We will be exploring meditations, affirmations, growth work every week and so much more. This is a commitment to yourself to evolve in all areas of your life, experience a new way of thinking and perceiving and creating powerful changes and breakthroughs.

Join in if you wish to change any area of your life. *Please note again, this is a commitment of 7 to 8 months, perfect for those who cannot commit to full day workshops*

To register connect ASAP

*Venue: Zoom*

*Investment : Rs 1800 each month..*

Those interested please let me know ASAP.

It’s that time of the year..

We are announcing our Vision Board Workshop scheduled for 16th January 2022.

Is there something that you wish to manifest this year?

Do you wish to know how to do it using Law of Attraction principles?

Then do register for the upcoming Online Vision Board Workshop on 16th January

It is said when you hold a thought and visualise something for a span of 68 seconds, you begin to attract it into your life. And when you have clarity on what you want visualising that becomes easier. When you put them into pictorial form, then it speedens up the process*

Begin the year by creating a vision of what you want to manifest. This workshop will – help you find Clarity on what you want to manifest this year- set your goals and intentions- Creating a Vision Board to channelises your goal setting and intentions for this year using LOA principles.

-Group Meditation with the Vision Board

Date: 16th January

Venue : Zoom (Online)

Timing : 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Energy Exchange – Rs 3800

Only 15 more spaces available.

Registration on 1st come 1st served basis.

For details on the same, contact Dilpreet at 9818547645.

This workshop will fill very quickly so please register as soon as you can.

Dilpreet is a Licensed Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop Leader with Hay House USA,Certified Law of Attraction Teacher,Certified Angel Teacher with Diana Cooper Foundation UK, Tarot Reader with 11 years of experience in the field, Reiki Master and a Powerful Manifestor. She believes in the power of our thoughts and knows for a fact that one can live a life of our choosing. She is a strong believer in the Philosophy of Louise Hay and Law of Attraction and her mission is to spread the same to as many as she can. She believes in living an empowered life and she shows others how they can too

21 Days Inner Alignment Workshop
Venue – Whatsapp
Dates – 1st April to 21st April
Join this workshop and experience the deepening of your connection with your Inner Being, Gratitude Meditation, planting well-being in your home, improve your relationship with money, practice forgiveness, understand the 3 pillars of Law of Attraction and begin creating changes in your life. Most importantly experience deep sense well-being and peace within.

In this workshop I will be sharing recorded meditations, inner reflection prompts, affirmations, law of attraction exercises and holding a space for your well-being..

Investment: Usual amount Rs 5500
For the first 30 individuals – Rs 1100 only!!!
Venue: Whatsapp!

Those interested in registering can connect with me asap at 9818547645
Blessed Be!

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