Life Coaching Sessions

What is Life Coaching?
Its is an ongoing process/professional relationship that can help you to create extraordinary changes in your life, career or business. It is not Counselling or therapy: it is about moving forward in life and achieve positive results in your life.
As a Coach I will empower you with techniques and simple strategies for you to move from where you are to what you want to achieve.

The Benefits of Coaching are many
Most important is Clarity: The sessions are meant to bring a clarity in all areas of your life, especially in terms of the goals you want to achieve.

Accountability: You are the one who is the creator of his/her life. Thus you are the one accountable for the changes you want to create. In the process of coaching we work together on identifying the root cause of the challenges you are facing and you work on the creating the goals in between the sessions too. I as coach will share various tools that can help you do that. I do not give advises or tell you what to do. The answers are already within you, we just work together on tapping into them and then create and work on the goals you desire to manifest. Remember, this is your life you are creating your way. So my advises wouldn’t work for you the way your own understanding of your life journey would. I would always keep you focused on the action plan and the goals and gently remind you of them when and if you veer off path.

Unbiased Input: I would be Listening a lot. Listening for what is really going on. Listening in to what you really feel and say. And thus I will be able to give you unbiased inputs.

You are the Priority: In the Coaching sessions you are the only Important Priority. In the day to day life, many of us tend to forget and lose track of what we really want and what we really want to do in life. It gets side tracked due to so many other things. Coaching sessions help you to focus on what you want and creating them

Relationship with Self: Life Coaching can bring a fresh perspective in you about your own self. You learn to look into the Mirror and love the whole of you. You look at yourself in complete honesty and you understand where your experiences are really coming from. You also learn to accept yourself for the Beautiful Human Being you are.

If any of this resonates with you, if being the creator of your life is what you want to be, if you are willing to take responsibility of your life and creating it the way you want, then do connect with me.

Blessed Be!

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