What is my life purpose?

What is my life purpose?
I have been asked that question so many times and I really started contemplating on it and a voice in me answered ” Life purpose isn’t a single act in a single direction. It’s in every moment and in every action.

What if your life purpose today was the patient conversation you had with the cab driver who just needed a few words of positive upliftment?

What if you fulfilled a life purpose when you posted a message close to your heart that inspired someone and made them feel heard and seen?

What if you fulfilled a life purpose when you adopted a puppy who needed someone to love it?
What if you fulfilled a life purpose by sharing your joy with another?

What if you fulfilled a life purpose by helping someone raise and provide for street dogs?
What if you fulfilled a life purpose when you inspired a friend to write a book?

What if you are fulfilling a life purpose by sharing your gift with even a few each day?
What if you fulfilled a life purpose when you helped your mother in her household chores?

What if you fulfilled a life purpose with these words you write right now and it touches a chord in just one heart?
What if your life purpose is only about you living each moment in full awareness, deep kindness and being willing to share your joy?

Your soul’s vision

WE are energy. Our soul is a transcendental living entity that chooses our physical body as an extension of itself, over a lifetime on this earth.
Have you stopped to think that you are more than just skin and bones and internal organs? You are the soul that resides in this body. The energy, i.e your soul and it’s essence, chose to undertake this physical journey to experience the physical dimension and all the variety it has to offer.
Our souls vision roots from the very core of our being and blossoms into the best versions of ourselves, our purpose, our true sense of happiness and belonging.While searching for its true purpose, its vision of what’s ideal, goes above and beyond our version of the connotations of these terms.
Your soul had a vision of what life on earth would mean to it. It wanted to explore all possibilities, all the variety and experiences this physical plane had to offer and most importantly enjoy the physical journey. But once the child was born, it was conditioned to slowly forget that personal truth. You began to accept the limitations your parents and society at large placed on you.
If you are here reading this, you are beginning to remember your soul’s truth. It still might be blurry but deep down you are questioning your life as it is now and you are searching for a meaning, a vision that is seeking you as much as you are seeking it.

One might wonder why some enlighted men like Gautam Buddha or Jesus Christ chose to live a life of suffering when they could easily choose otherwise. It was their soul’s vision, their true purpose in life that led them to their path and now millions follow. Well, now we know better!

I have for the past 14 years walked this path of remembering my life purpose and remembering my soul’s truth. And I created Your Soul’s Vision to guide you through your journey back to your soul’s truth too. It is my desire to remind you and assist you to recall that vision and lovingly hold that vision with you, for you, as you come into alignment with it. For I know that you can and you will get there eventually.

On your journey to Your Soul’s Vision you’ll learn to understand learn and master the Laws of Attraction and understand the power of your thoughts and emotions. I believe the key to knowing your soul’s truth and manifesting the vision lies in accessing deep self love and I would love to show you the path, for I have walked a path of unlearning so many limiting beliefs and conditioning and discovered the beauty of learning to love myself unconditionally. It has not only helped me release layers of conditioning and discover who I really am, it has transformed my life in all aspects be it relationships, money, success and anything else you can imagine.

If you are ready to take back your Power and live life in deep authenticity and joy, then we must connect and co create your soul’s vision.

Blessed Be!

What if everything turns out for the best? What if everything that you’ve asked for has already been answered? What if, to allow your good to flow into your experience, all you have to do is change your focus, your mindset? The thing is this true. What you give attention in your thoughts,you attract in your reality. Joy is the key to creating the changes you desire. Loving yourself, choosing to know your worth is the first step. You cannot think the old way and attract anything new. Our group Book study for You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay is one space you can begin to change your mindset. You also gain the support of those who are walking on the same journey. It’s time to choose to create a change. Let me help you get started. Connect with me, Dilpreet at 9818547645 if you wish to know more about it. Blessed Be ❤️

Our belief system goes much deeper than we realise. Oh and contrasts are really opportunities to learn from.

Do you know that your belief system, your thought patterns and emotional traumas began even before you were born? Right when you were in the womb? And even before that?

I have been doing a lot of inner work lately in preparation to move into the next level in my life in various areas really. And my knee started acting up a while back. So I decided to sit with it.
As I connected with my body, I received a few downloads of thoughts (that’s the best I can describe it). I understood that the child in me is scared of all the expectations I have of life. She feels they won’t be met and that will create more disappointment. So she was being stubborn about not moving ahead and the knee issues were her way of letting me know. I decided to dig a little deeper. Go with that awareness so to speak and see where it takes me. I suddenly felt my head aching terribly. The two sides of the head felt a pressure and I felt I was being dragged into something or somewhere through a narrow opening. I distanced my consciousness and looked at what I was feeling and I see myself as a baby being pulled through the birth canal. There was something gripping my head on the sides and dragging me out into the new. I felt I wasn’t ready, I felt violated, I felt angry and I wanted to scream at everyone. That I realised was my birth experience.

I returned back to myself after a while of some more exploration. I called my mother and asked her if something was used to pull me out at birth. Turns out I was a forceps baby  And I took hours to arrive.

After this learning, in the last few days, a few more physical symptoms showed up, like my wrist acting up. Now as I choose to be present with all that I am feeling in my body and become truly aware of what I am feeling, I am learning more about my beliefs. And this is after 12 years of continuous inner work and discoveries. There is always a contrast that shows up and that which we can learn from.

It is how we perceive these experiences and choose to show up that decides the path.
This shows to me over and over again, evidence after another, that we are not just this physical body. We are so much more. And if you choose to be present to all parts of you, you can experience deep healing and create a positive momentum for your own growth.

What are you choosing?

Do you feel you are not good enough sometimes,just the way I do?

I have done a lot of inner work. Trust me. A lot. From someone who could barely speak up for herself to this confident, deeply in love with herself woman, I have come a long way.

Yet there are rare days that I feel I am not good enough. Of late I have been working on giving myself permission to go big on my dreams. I have so much to share about my journey and I want to reach out to a massive amount of people out there and inspire them to dream big and manifest those dreams too. And the fact that I just said this out loud on a social media platform for you all to read scares the s*** out of me. But hey atleast I am allowing myself to share my desires with the Universe. Universe, I trust that you are reading this too😁

And for a while now, a part of me is acting up. I can hear a voice in me say “Hey but what can you say, that hasn’t been already said? There are so many inspiring people out there. What do you have to say that they already haven’t said?” And it shakes me up, this voice.

But that’s the part of showing up even with your fears. Fears and doubts do show up, in their endeavour to protect you, to keep you in the known space, protecting you from the threat and danger of the unknown. I choose to see it for what it is. And I choose to walk ahead with it and despite it. I choose to thank it for trying to protect me. But the fact is that I don’t need it’s protection. There is no threat out there. Except the voice in my head ofcourse.

I choose to tune out the voice that says I am not good enough. Today I just choose to crank up the volume of the voice in my head that says ” Dilpreet get out there and write whatever you are feeling. You may just inspire someone with the message you have to share. Even if you don’t, you are good enough because you just showed up for yourself”. I love hearing this voice so I am going to just increase its volume for the time being I think.

As for you, sit with this message and really be willing to hear this and feel this – You are more than that voice in you that says you are not good enough. Don’t let that voice decide your choices for you. Speak up. Write. Dance. Share your voice, yourself, your message, in whatever form you want to and know that you are good enough. You are worthy enough. You deserve to shine. Your story, your words have the potential to inspire plenty out there.. Your dreams are important and when you choose to truly deeply believe in them, they show up in your reality. I know this to be true for the dreams I dreamt yesterday are a part of my today. I know that the dreams I am dreaming today are meant to be.

For now I take joy in having showed up here, for having expressed myself.

How are you choosing to show up for yourself today?

A quick Live Guidance for the day. Do check out. Comment. Share. I love you all. The Universe loves each one of you and it is ready to lift you up when you raise your hands and your vibration to reach out to it.
Blessed Be!


Feel your feelings. Accept them without judgement.. They are only telling you something that you are unaware of..

As a child I was always asked to be the responsible sibling. Even at the age of 5 I had to choose between going out and play or sit at home and take care of my younger sister while my elder brother went out and played. I chose to stay home and help mom because that gave me her approval and I felt loved. I felt close to her. But what really happened in that moment was a fragmentation. A fragmentation within me of the me who wanted to just be a child and go and play and the one who chose to stay back and thus got Mom’s approval.

As I grew up, such instances were many. I grew up to be a good, responsible, respectful daughter, till the day I wasn’t.
I began opening up to my whole self.. I learned to begin to own my shadow self.
In one such instances in 2018, when I had stuff come up in my relationship with my partner, I opened up further to myself and realized that in this instance I was playing up this trauma.
I realised that everytime my partner would go out on work trips, I would get triggered. I used to feel this anger bubble up, I felt hurt, deep pain, like I was being abandoned. And I felt anger and shame, anger because I had to be responsible for everything back at home while my partner was away at his work trips, shame for feeling this way about the family I love so much.

During many of my trainings and my own sessions with my coach, I came to a small understanding of where this was coming from. And I came to this memory where I saw myself as a child of 5 having to choose between play and responsibility, my mom angry because I stood still not wanting to come and help her, her anger and frustration changing to ease when I stepped away from the door and helped her with the baby. I understood then that part of me had experienced a trauma. And this is what I was experiencing as an adult with my partner.

I wouldn’t have understood any of this had I not chosen to sit with my feelings. The anger, the pain, the shame. I sat with it. I immersed myself in it… I chose not to walk away from them and abandon the part of me that was feeling it all.
I chose to coax out answers from those feelings and that’s what made me aware of that initial moment of what I choose to call the Trauma. Having understood what had happened in that moment, I chose to put all the methods I learned into practice.. And it has always helped me connect deeper with myself.. And I have learned to honor that part of myself who wants what she wants and not judge her for it. I have learned to have authentic conversations with my partner who has listened to every word I said with love and kindness.

Traumas are so real and many a times we aren’t even aware of them. And till the time you haven’t healed those fragments of you, integrated those parts of you, brought those parts of you into light, how do we really feel complete? Your feelings are saying so much to you only if you are willing to listen to them instead of shunning them.

What emotions are you not allowing yourself to feel?

What is Law of Attraction?

So many people seem to have misunderstood the Law of Attraction and think it’s some magical formula (well in a way it is-just not the way you think) wherein you think of something and it manifests. Well it’s not that simple. But often people think it is and when it doesn’t give the results they misconstrued it would, they discard the whole Law and label it as bogus. The truth, though, is that Law of Attraction works. Every single time. All the time. Just like the Law of Gravity, it simply is.  Remember how we humans discarded it’s truth too, till we couldn’t. 

To understand Law of Attraction, one must understand the Law of Vibration, and accept it’s premise as valid. Law of Vibration says that everything we see and don’t see is vibrating at certain frequency of energy. It means everything in this entire Universe or even Multiverse is made of Energy. So everything big and small, be it the stars in the galaxy and the planets to us human beings to the trees and the tiniest grains of sand, the smallest of organisms like an amoeba, are all constantly vibrating at a certain frequency unique to it.  It’s that vibration that we are perceiving and our brains are interpreting into forms. The table you sit at is vibrating at a frequency which your mind is perceiving and giving it a form of a table. The colours you see is just the vibrations unique to that colour being interpreted as that particular colour by your mind. The denser the energy and frequency the easier it is for your mind to form a concrete shape and structure to it and more solid it seems, more tangent it seems. The lighter the frequency, the more abstract and formless and intangible it is perceived by the human brain. Colours and Music are lighter frequencies meaning they are vibrating very very fast which means we can see the colour the colour and hear the music but can’t touch or feel it (unless your Clairs are really well formed) 

So technically speaking everything we see is really something that is inside our head. Nothing really exists outside of us. Everything then is our perception of energy and frequencies. This is not just me saying random things. It’s something that Science has been studying for years now and have come to the same conclusion. And even though this is the truth our physical understanding or our logic fails to accept it. 

Yet when we let our logic take a backseat and perceive energy beyond the interpretation of our limited 5 senses, many begin to feel the energy around. Many times we find that as we enter a room, the energy of that space feels different. Or there are times when we don’t really connect with certain individuals, because their “energy” or just something about them feels off. Or we meet a person and feel rejuvenated in their presence. These are all examples of us tapping into the vibrations and frequencies of the people or the spaces with our other unquantified senses..

Now when we understand this Law of Vibration, we begin to understand another truth about it. Like attracts Like. Anything that is vibrating at similar frequencies will be attracted to each other. 

In it’s physical aspects I can think of Water and Oil. The frequency of Oil is denser and that of Water is lighter so we see that they don’t mix. One could say that they even repel each other. But anything that is like water mixes easily because their energies  attract and accept each other. 

Thoughts are vibrations too. Each thought we think is evoking an emotional response and you can, by how it feels, say which thought has what vibrations. Good feeling thoughts have higher vibrations. So when your are feeling Happy, Joyful, Compassionate, Loving, Kind, Passionate, Excited, Enthusiastic or any other emotion that makes you feel good in it’s essence, you know its a result of a higher vibrating thought or belief. A belief is simply a Thought you have thought over and over again till it has become a habit of thought or as we call belief. Belief becomes a dominant train of thought that begins to evoke an automatic emotional response in us which we in time become oblivious to. It becomes so ingrained that we become unaware that we thinking it even. Just like brushing your teeth every morning. Most of us don’t even put any thought into how to do it. It has become second nature to brush our teeth.. Our muscles have developed a memory for it.. Now the thought we are thinking and how we are feeling about each thought is what is creating our dominant vibration. So now if your in a constant state of happiness, your dominant vibration is that of happiness. Now remember the second Law of Vibration. Like attracts like. Our thoughts are creating a perception and chemical response in our mind which in turn is creating our so called reality. So when your vibration is that of happiness, you are attracting a reality that matches it. When your vibration is that of love, you are attracting more love into your life. 

And when your vibration is that of lack of anything, you are attracting more of the same in your life. If your thoughts are constantly focused on what’s wrong in the world, well what do you think you are attracting? Your reality will prove it to be true and right for you. Every single time, Wherever you turn. If you think and come to believe that abundance is limited, your reality will prove it to be true by attracting struggle and lack of abundance in your life. Law of Attraction is Absolute. Whatever you are giving attention to in your thoughts, grows in your reality, your life…

The wonderful about this whole thing is that we can choose our thoughts. We can choose to change our thoughts and beliefs. We can choose to give attention to better thoughts. And how do you understand which thoughts you are thinking in any given moment. By how you are feeling… Your feelings are constantly indicating your point of attraction in every given moment. Meaning your emotions are letting you know what you are thinking is a higher vibration thought or a lower vibration thought. 

So use your feelings to become aware of what your dominant thoughts are and begin to change them if you are not liking your reality or how you are feeling about yourself and life. Law of Attraction will bring new matching experiences into your reality.

That is our promise to you all.

Blessed Be! 


Turn Mirror Work into Mirror Play and reap wonderful benefits:

Mirror work has been championed by Louise Hay, our mentor, our guide, and one of the biggest pioneer of self love. She advocated the use of Mirror work to connect with our inner being, our inner child and create a loving relationship with it.

She would ask her clients and Workshop participants to look into the mirror everyday and say the affirmations, beginning with telling yourself “I am willing to learn to love you” repeatedly.. This is also what we call as reprogramming of the subconscious mind.

Moving from the willingness to “I love you just the way you are” “I love you and accept you just the way you are” ” I love you and approve of you exactly as you are” and any other affirmation that one would like to say to themselves. Again it’s a process of resetting the wiring of the subconscious mind to create self love, self worth and deservability so that the mind begins to create new experiences through the repetition of an act. It’s really a powerful tool.

For me Mirror is a powerful tool in itself. It allows me to look deep within my soul. It allows to connect with who I really am, with the essence of my soul as I journey through the shadows of my personality too. We all have this shadow self, a part we have rejected and not liked and kept locked, ignored and unseen. Mirror work beautifully helps integrate you to the whole of you, as it reflects back all of you through it. You cannot ignore and un-see every bit of you when you practice mirror work.

It helped me connect with the angry inner child in me who hated the responsibility laid on her when she was a little girl herself. Responsibility to take care of others first. I look into the mirror everyday to comfort her and love her and let her know she is safe.

It helped me connect with my inner who felt unworthy and undeserving. And reaching out to her helped immensely in the process of healing my life, my soul.

For me mirror also represents expansion and depth. We use mirrors in small spaces to create a feeling of expansion. So when I play with the mirror and connect with myself, as I say my affirmations, I allow myself to expand, I allow myself soul to expand, my worthiness and my deservability to expand and grow and create depth.

It also reflects out what I feel inside, so when I begin to change what I feel inside, that is reflected back through the mirror in my world on the outside too. What a powerful tool indeed!

Did I mention Mirror Play to you? I have arrived at this conclusion that though initially, it seems like a lot of work, gradually this process has become play for me. It feels good to look into the mirror every morning and greet myself with love. It feels good to connect with my inner child and comfort her when she needs it. It feels good to look into the mirror and connect with my inner being and celebrate the joys of life, to share the gratitude. I have come to love this process and I know how powerful and beneficial it.

So just take 10 minutes each day to look into the mirror and say to yourself “I love you, I Really really love you. I love and approve of you just the way you are.” Say the affirmations as you look into the mirror and deep within your eyes. Do it consistently, every time you pass a mirror, every time you catch your reflection in a mirror or a window.. Just practice it with love and faith and turn the work into play. And the mirror will reflect back that love in your world outside.. Thank You Louise for such beautiful gifts you gifted us with.

Want learn more about how to change your thoughts, how to create self love and deepen it, create more deservability so that your life on the outside changed too? You can do so by registering for the 2 Day Heal Your Life Workshops I conduct on a regular basis in Delhi. I also have some online workshops based on Louise Hay’s teachings. To know more connect with me..

Blessed Be!

Honouring the Life of Louise Hay

I never met you in person but you are a huge part of who I am. You changed my life! Quite literally! Louise, I found you through your book “You Can Heal Your Life” on 18th October 2009 at a train station in Kolkata, on a day when I was running away from home. I had fled away from my old life, of confinement, a life that suffocated me because I blamed my parents for not being who I wanted them to be, for always telling what kind of life I had to lead, for not keeping me safe when I needed it the most, for making me responsible for others happiness at an age when I just wanted to be a child.
And even in the moments when I planned my escape from the home that had felt like a prison, I knew deep in my bones, something wonderful will come out of it!
And then I picked up your book at the train station and I began to find answers to my questions about my life.

I healed the inner child in me who had been sexually abused by people known to her, the part who felt so unloved and unaccepted for who she was. I healed my deservability, I found the courage to be who I really am – Fearless, Childlike, Wise, Inspirational, Expressive, Creative, Abundant and Accepting of myself and of others. You taught me so much about Love. And with every word I read and practiced, a part of me healed.

And as I did that I healed my relationship with my parents, my partner and most importantly myself. I always had intellectualised forgiveness before I learned from your wisdom, you taught me what forgiveness really is. I slept with your book, I read and reread it over and over and I knew I wanted to share this gift with others. Training as a teacher and life coach in your philosophy were the best gifts I ever gave myself.

I not only got the tools to share this work with others, my inner work deepened with each training. I removed layers and layers of conditioning from my being and found a connection to my soul that has been deepening ever since. I have become limitless because of the journey you set in motion for me. You found me as much as I found you. And for that I am ever so grateful! I am grateful for all the joy and happiness you helped me discover within me. I love you so so much!
Thank you for shining your light, being the beacon to souls like me and guiding them to the light within them. You live in me and in others through me and in so many beautiful souls who found you like I did.
Sending you a loving embrace and all my Gratitude!

May your light be lit in many many many more souls. I know you are smiling right now wherever you are, feeling the love I am feeling for you. Your legacy lives in millions of us now. And it’s a joy for me to be a channel for your legacy of love.
Thank you!

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