About Dilpreet

Dilpreet is an Uplifter and holds a vision of your Highest Self and Potential . She is a Certified International Heal Your Life Coach and a Licensed International Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, a Law of Assumption Coach influenced deeply by the works of Louise Hay and Abraham and Esther Hicks, a healer and a channel. Reading Louise’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” in the year 2009 bowled her over. For 5 years after reading the book she worked on herself and created major positive changes in relationship with her won self and others. She went on to train as a Workshop Leader in 2014 and then as a Life Coach in 2018. She has learnt a lot about Law of Assumption through the living of her life and through the teachings of Abraham.
She believes that we all are Co Creators of our lives and Self Love is the key to achieving an Alignment with your Inner Being and who you really are, and she lives by this principles. She has conducted several workshops already and is focusing now on her virtual trainings and Online individual sessions.

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