The Universe has your back

When HYL spills into your coffee mug… When what you live by is imbued in everything.. When you are sipping your morning tea and this cute little Unicorn reminds you with each sip that “You’re Amazing just the way you are”, when your Inner Child feels loved and warm and fuzzy, how can you not feel grateful for this beautiful gift of life you’ve been blessed with?!

I can’t thank Louise enough for the work she created, she truly transformed my life and that of so many.  I am so grateful to myself for choosing to believe in the possibilities of a truly wonderful life.  I am grateful that I always hold the vision of the life I know has already been created because I asked for it.  I am thankful to myself for always following my inner being’s guidance and taking inspired actions such as randomly picking up this mug, that is such a beautiful way of reinforcing the affirmations without even trying..

When you ask, it’s always given, even your  surrounding becomes eager to see you thrive and breathe in alignment with your inner being. How does it ever get better than this?
I am in so much Gratitude right now for all that is!  Life feels Blissful! This moment is enough! This moment I choose Happiness!
All is perfect, whole and complete!
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