Life can be easy if you choose it.

I recently attended a few events which had speakers come up and talk about their lives and how they overcame so much. Its inspiring to see people do that.

I also see a trend of putting struggle and hard work on a pedestal. Most individuals believe and propagate the belief that life is meant to be hard and difficult and full of struggles and only those who propagate the same are really seen as true heroes and an inspiration. I believe in something different now. I believe that life can be easy. Just like any other belief that we carry in our subconscious mind,that we have accepted as the truth, this is just another perception. A perception or a belief is a thought we have thought over and over and over.

So it goes to say that I can replace this old belief with a new one, if I really choose to. I for one have chosen to make the rest of my life, the best of my life. I have decided to have an easy life. I do not say no to struggle and difficulty and hard work. I just choose to say Yes to ease, joy and glory.

I choose to be inspired by people who are choosing the same. Its seems to me that when we are choosing to believe that life is hard and we are overcoming it all by sheer will of our determination, we are trying to prove ourselves to the world and the Universe. But the truth is the Universe already adores me and each one of us just the way we are, by the virtue of the fact that we exist.

And if we are responsible for our own lives and our own happiness, then who are we really trying to prove ourselves to? We are only trying to prove our worthiness to ourselves. And the truth is we already are worthy and deserving. It’s time now we accepted this truth.

We deserve an easy, fun filled, happy life. Each one of you. Let’s release the belief and the story of struggle and hard work and pain, and in it’s place let’s be willing to love ourselves and know we are worthy of ease and fun and happiness.

Let’s inspire others with our stories that are filled with ease, and magnificence and fun. Let’s inspire one person at a time by living our own lives with ease first. Those who are ready to create ease in their life will take their inspiration when needed.

What are you choosing as your life story?

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