Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream…

When you are connected to the Source at all times, inspiration flows through many channels.

Today as I sang this nursery rhyme to and with my beautiful baby girls,(I am a mom to two beautiful twin girls) , it dawned on me.. Bing Crosby was on to something.. He was on to Abraham’s message..

Row Row Row Your Boat,

Gently down the stream,

Merrily merrily merrily merrily,

Life is but a Dream..

Here I can sense Bing advocating the rowing of life downstream. And as you all who are familiar with Abraham’s words,know that they are always talking about going downstream where life flows through ease and joy and merry and happiness. Whenever we are feeling that we are trying too hard in life, stressing over things in life, working too hard, feeling negative emotions, our inner being is letting us know that we are moving upstream.. And moving upstream does not feel good for it is against the flow of life.

When you are rowing downstream, going with the flow of life, enjoying, connected to your inner being, taking your attention to good feeling thoughts, the rowing is easier and it innately feels good. And that’s where all the joy and happiness and fun lies..

Just follow the path downstream, pivoting your attention on good feeling thoughts, moving from your current place of feeling/thinking to a better feeling thought, deliberately seeking the delicious feeling of relief and feeling better and better, becoming more and more aligned with who you really are.. For you are more than this body, more than this physical experience. You are the soul in this physical form that continues to exist in it’s non physical essence in the non physical realm. This life is but a Dream… Just a small dream in the expanse of the true awakened state of your existence in the non physical realm.

This physical experience we are having on this planet, this physical dimension at the leading edge of thoughts where we are experiencing all these physical life experiences is just a dream.. A dream you can choose the variant of – a good and easy dream you enjoy as you row your boat (life in this case) down the stream as gently and lovingly as you can, having fun through the process Or a dream that feels more like a illusion, filled with struggle and difficulties or pain and unhappiness.

And if you’ve had enough of the illusion, the pain, the struggle, turn your boat around and begin rowing down the stream, where well being abounds and have fun as you flow through this life with ease joy and glory, one with your well being that is your birthright..

I can show you how…connect with me for more on this

Blessed Be!