Law of Attraction is…

For years people were not aware of the existence of Gravity and didn’t understand it’s principles. Yet Gravity existed. Had it not, we would have been flying around aimlessly, not grounded..we would not have really survived come to think of it. We would not have experienced the joys of living on earth, having a house, sailing the oceans and rivers. We would have been spinning at lightning speed with earth’s rotation.. Our brain in tizzy with the movement. Phew!!

And yet human, in time, stumbled upon the principle of Gravity, in one of those Eureka Moment. Well I believe that their desire to understand Gravity was so strong that in a moment when this human was in complete alignment with the Source, allowed the answer and understanding to flow through him.

And just as the Law of Gravity existed even before we began to understand it, the Law of Attraction exists, whether many have still understood and accepted it or not. It did take years for people to accept the earth was round, that Gravity was real. Truth is often that simple yet hard to make sense of. But it’s existence doesn’t really get diminished.

Law of Attraction is… It exists. It is true. It is phenomenal. And I believe in time more and more people will see and understand it’s truth. My job is not to convince others. I am only going to enjoy the process of creation through its principles and as I do so many will join me at the disc I am at (high vibrational space) as they begin to see the value it offers. I am going to have fun creating my life and live it’s truth. And when you begin to wonder how I am having so much fun, and are open to know what I am doing, I’ll show you how..

We are glad that Law of Attraction has a buffer of time in its creation. Else imagine how it would be to have a thought and experience it instantly,before we even got to process our desires by way of contrast. There would be chaos. Just like the lack of Gravity would have created chaos.

And yet there are those still doubting it’s truth. Well I am going back onto my disc. See you all whenever you are ready to join me there.

Have fun

Blessed Be!

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