Emotions – our Inner GPS System

We are either looking up to God to help us, to give us answers, to guide us, to provide us with solutions Or we are blaming God for how miserable our life is, for not helping us, for letting us suffer, for all that is wrong in the world.
But most of us are not ready to take responsibility of who we are and what we are creating.
God made us in His/Her image.. Which I understand as us being the purest and furthermost extension of that Pure Positive Energy. God gave us free will.. Meaning we choose the life we create, the experiences we attract. The tool for creation is our thoughts.. God created us through His/Her thought and in the same way we create our lives through our thoughts. Our emotions are our GPS, guiding us on this path of creation.. When you are feeling good feeling emotions, you are aligned not just to your inner being, you are aligned with the Source.. When you are feeling bad feeling emotions you know you are off track, you are not aligned with who you really are.. It’s your GPS system telling you you are off the route. You are off the route because you gave attention to something you don’t like and don’t want in your life. How far away you are off the route shows how long you’ve been ignoring your emotional GPS system.. When are feeling absolutely miserable it indicates you’ve been giving attention to something in your thoughts and observing it for so long that it has become really embedded in your reality..
And yet how many of us really do follow the inner GPS system?