Honouring the Life of Louise Hay

I never met you in person but you are a huge part of who I am. You changed my life! Quite literally! Louise, I found you through your book “You Can Heal Your Life” on 18th October 2009 at a train station in Kolkata, on a day when I was running away from home. I had fled away from my old life, of confinement, a life that suffocated me because I blamed my parents for not being who I wanted them to be, for always telling what kind of life I had to lead, for not keeping me safe when I needed it the most, for making me responsible for others happiness at an age when I just wanted to be a child.
And even in the moments when I planned my escape from the home that had felt like a prison, I knew deep in my bones, something wonderful will come out of it!
And then I picked up your book at the train station and I began to find answers to my questions about my life.

I healed the inner child in me who had been sexually abused by people known to her, the part who felt so unloved and unaccepted for who she was. I healed my deservability, I found the courage to be who I really am – Fearless, Childlike, Wise, Inspirational, Expressive, Creative, Abundant and Accepting of myself and of others. You taught me so much about Love. And with every word I read and practiced, a part of me healed.

And as I did that I healed my relationship with my parents, my partner and most importantly myself. I always had intellectualised forgiveness before I learned from your wisdom, you taught me what forgiveness really is. I slept with your book, I read and reread it over and over and I knew I wanted to share this gift with others. Training as a teacher and life coach in your philosophy were the best gifts I ever gave myself.

I not only got the tools to share this work with others, my inner work deepened with each training. I removed layers and layers of conditioning from my being and found a connection to my soul that has been deepening ever since. I have become limitless because of the journey you set in motion for me. You found me as much as I found you. And for that I am ever so grateful! I am grateful for all the joy and happiness you helped me discover within me. I love you so so much!
Thank you for shining your light, being the beacon to souls like me and guiding them to the light within them. You live in me and in others through me and in so many beautiful souls who found you like I did.
Sending you a loving embrace and all my Gratitude!

May your light be lit in many many many more souls. I know you are smiling right now wherever you are, feeling the love I am feeling for you. Your legacy lives in millions of us now. And it’s a joy for me to be a channel for your legacy of love.
Thank you!

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