Turn Mirror Work into Mirror Play and reap wonderful benefits:

Mirror work has been championed by Louise Hay, our mentor, our guide, and one of the biggest pioneer of self love. She advocated the use of Mirror work to connect with our inner being, our inner child and create a loving relationship with it.

She would ask her clients and Workshop participants to look into the mirror everyday and say the affirmations, beginning with telling yourself “I am willing to learn to love you” repeatedly.. This is also what we call as reprogramming of the subconscious mind.

Moving from the willingness to “I love you just the way you are” “I love you and accept you just the way you are” ” I love you and approve of you exactly as you are” and any other affirmation that one would like to say to themselves. Again it’s a process of resetting the wiring of the subconscious mind to create self love, self worth and deservability so that the mind begins to create new experiences through the repetition of an act. It’s really a powerful tool.

For me Mirror is a powerful tool in itself. It allows me to look deep within my soul. It allows to connect with who I really am, with the essence of my soul as I journey through the shadows of my personality too. We all have this shadow self, a part we have rejected and not liked and kept locked, ignored and unseen. Mirror work beautifully helps integrate you to the whole of you, as it reflects back all of you through it. You cannot ignore and un-see every bit of you when you practice mirror work.

It helped me connect with the angry inner child in me who hated the responsibility laid on her when she was a little girl herself. Responsibility to take care of others first. I look into the mirror everyday to comfort her and love her and let her know she is safe.

It helped me connect with my inner who felt unworthy and undeserving. And reaching out to her helped immensely in the process of healing my life, my soul.

For me mirror also represents expansion and depth. We use mirrors in small spaces to create a feeling of expansion. So when I play with the mirror and connect with myself, as I say my affirmations, I allow myself to expand, I allow myself soul to expand, my worthiness and my deservability to expand and grow and create depth.

It also reflects out what I feel inside, so when I begin to change what I feel inside, that is reflected back through the mirror in my world on the outside too. What a powerful tool indeed!

Did I mention Mirror Play to you? I have arrived at this conclusion that though initially, it seems like a lot of work, gradually this process has become play for me. It feels good to look into the mirror every morning and greet myself with love. It feels good to connect with my inner child and comfort her when she needs it. It feels good to look into the mirror and connect with my inner being and celebrate the joys of life, to share the gratitude. I have come to love this process and I know how powerful and beneficial it.

So just take 10 minutes each day to look into the mirror and say to yourself “I love you, I Really really love you. I love and approve of you just the way you are.” Say the affirmations as you look into the mirror and deep within your eyes. Do it consistently, every time you pass a mirror, every time you catch your reflection in a mirror or a window.. Just practice it with love and faith and turn the work into play. And the mirror will reflect back that love in your world outside.. Thank You Louise for such beautiful gifts you gifted us with.

Want learn more about how to change your thoughts, how to create self love and deepen it, create more deservability so that your life on the outside changed too? You can do so by registering for the 2 Day Heal Your Life Workshops I conduct on a regular basis in Delhi. I also have some online workshops based on Louise Hay’s teachings. To know more connect with me..

Blessed Be!

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