What is Law of Attraction?

So many people seem to have misunderstood the Law of Attraction and think it’s some magical formula (well in a way it is-just not the way you think) wherein you think of something and it manifests. Well it’s not that simple. But often people think it is and when it doesn’t give the results they misconstrued it would, they discard the whole Law and label it as bogus. The truth, though, is that Law of Attraction works. Every single time. All the time. Just like the Law of Gravity, it simply is.  Remember how we humans discarded it’s truth too, till we couldn’t. 

To understand Law of Attraction, one must understand the Law of Vibration, and accept it’s premise as valid. Law of Vibration says that everything we see and don’t see is vibrating at certain frequency of energy. It means everything in this entire Universe or even Multiverse is made of Energy. So everything big and small, be it the stars in the galaxy and the planets to us human beings to the trees and the tiniest grains of sand, the smallest of organisms like an amoeba, are all constantly vibrating at a certain frequency unique to it.  It’s that vibration that we are perceiving and our brains are interpreting into forms. The table you sit at is vibrating at a frequency which your mind is perceiving and giving it a form of a table. The colours you see is just the vibrations unique to that colour being interpreted as that particular colour by your mind. The denser the energy and frequency the easier it is for your mind to form a concrete shape and structure to it and more solid it seems, more tangent it seems. The lighter the frequency, the more abstract and formless and intangible it is perceived by the human brain. Colours and Music are lighter frequencies meaning they are vibrating very very fast which means we can see the colour the colour and hear the music but can’t touch or feel it (unless your Clairs are really well formed) 

So technically speaking everything we see is really something that is inside our head. Nothing really exists outside of us. Everything then is our perception of energy and frequencies. This is not just me saying random things. It’s something that Science has been studying for years now and have come to the same conclusion. And even though this is the truth our physical understanding or our logic fails to accept it. 

Yet when we let our logic take a backseat and perceive energy beyond the interpretation of our limited 5 senses, many begin to feel the energy around. Many times we find that as we enter a room, the energy of that space feels different. Or there are times when we don’t really connect with certain individuals, because their “energy” or just something about them feels off. Or we meet a person and feel rejuvenated in their presence. These are all examples of us tapping into the vibrations and frequencies of the people or the spaces with our other unquantified senses..

Now when we understand this Law of Vibration, we begin to understand another truth about it. Like attracts Like. Anything that is vibrating at similar frequencies will be attracted to each other. 

In it’s physical aspects I can think of Water and Oil. The frequency of Oil is denser and that of Water is lighter so we see that they don’t mix. One could say that they even repel each other. But anything that is like water mixes easily because their energies  attract and accept each other. 

Thoughts are vibrations too. Each thought we think is evoking an emotional response and you can, by how it feels, say which thought has what vibrations. Good feeling thoughts have higher vibrations. So when your are feeling Happy, Joyful, Compassionate, Loving, Kind, Passionate, Excited, Enthusiastic or any other emotion that makes you feel good in it’s essence, you know its a result of a higher vibrating thought or belief. A belief is simply a Thought you have thought over and over again till it has become a habit of thought or as we call belief. Belief becomes a dominant train of thought that begins to evoke an automatic emotional response in us which we in time become oblivious to. It becomes so ingrained that we become unaware that we thinking it even. Just like brushing your teeth every morning. Most of us don’t even put any thought into how to do it. It has become second nature to brush our teeth.. Our muscles have developed a memory for it.. Now the thought we are thinking and how we are feeling about each thought is what is creating our dominant vibration. So now if your in a constant state of happiness, your dominant vibration is that of happiness. Now remember the second Law of Vibration. Like attracts like. Our thoughts are creating a perception and chemical response in our mind which in turn is creating our so called reality. So when your vibration is that of happiness, you are attracting a reality that matches it. When your vibration is that of love, you are attracting more love into your life. 

And when your vibration is that of lack of anything, you are attracting more of the same in your life. If your thoughts are constantly focused on what’s wrong in the world, well what do you think you are attracting? Your reality will prove it to be true and right for you. Every single time, Wherever you turn. If you think and come to believe that abundance is limited, your reality will prove it to be true by attracting struggle and lack of abundance in your life. Law of Attraction is Absolute. Whatever you are giving attention to in your thoughts, grows in your reality, your life…

The wonderful about this whole thing is that we can choose our thoughts. We can choose to change our thoughts and beliefs. We can choose to give attention to better thoughts. And how do you understand which thoughts you are thinking in any given moment. By how you are feeling… Your feelings are constantly indicating your point of attraction in every given moment. Meaning your emotions are letting you know what you are thinking is a higher vibration thought or a lower vibration thought. 

So use your feelings to become aware of what your dominant thoughts are and begin to change them if you are not liking your reality or how you are feeling about yourself and life. Law of Attraction will bring new matching experiences into your reality.

That is our promise to you all.

Blessed Be!