Our belief system goes much deeper than we realise. Oh and contrasts are really opportunities to learn from.

Do you know that your belief system, your thought patterns and emotional traumas began even before you were born? Right when you were in the womb? And even before that?

I have been doing a lot of inner work lately in preparation to move into the next level in my life in various areas really. And my knee started acting up a while back. So I decided to sit with it.
As I connected with my body, I received a few downloads of thoughts (that’s the best I can describe it). I understood that the child in me is scared of all the expectations I have of life. She feels they won’t be met and that will create more disappointment. So she was being stubborn about not moving ahead and the knee issues were her way of letting me know. I decided to dig a little deeper. Go with that awareness so to speak and see where it takes me. I suddenly felt my head aching terribly. The two sides of the head felt a pressure and I felt I was being dragged into something or somewhere through a narrow opening. I distanced my consciousness and looked at what I was feeling and I see myself as a baby being pulled through the birth canal. There was something gripping my head on the sides and dragging me out into the new. I felt I wasn’t ready, I felt violated, I felt angry and I wanted to scream at everyone. That I realised was my birth experience.

I returned back to myself after a while of some more exploration. I called my mother and asked her if something was used to pull me out at birth. Turns out I was a forceps baby  And I took hours to arrive.

After this learning, in the last few days, a few more physical symptoms showed up, like my wrist acting up. Now as I choose to be present with all that I am feeling in my body and become truly aware of what I am feeling, I am learning more about my beliefs. And this is after 12 years of continuous inner work and discoveries. There is always a contrast that shows up and that which we can learn from.

It is how we perceive these experiences and choose to show up that decides the path.
This shows to me over and over again, evidence after another, that we are not just this physical body. We are so much more. And if you choose to be present to all parts of you, you can experience deep healing and create a positive momentum for your own growth.

What are you choosing?

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