Do you feel you are not good enough sometimes,just the way I do?

I have done a lot of inner work. Trust me. A lot. From someone who could barely speak up for herself to this confident, deeply in love with herself woman, I have come a long way.

Yet there are rare days that I feel I am not good enough. Of late I have been working on giving myself permission to go big on my dreams. I have so much to share about my journey and I want to reach out to a massive amount of people out there and inspire them to dream big and manifest those dreams too. And the fact that I just said this out loud on a social media platform for you all to read scares the s*** out of me. But hey atleast I am allowing myself to share my desires with the Universe. Universe, I trust that you are reading this too😁

And for a while now, a part of me is acting up. I can hear a voice in me say “Hey but what can you say, that hasn’t been already said? There are so many inspiring people out there. What do you have to say that they already haven’t said?” And it shakes me up, this voice.

But that’s the part of showing up even with your fears. Fears and doubts do show up, in their endeavour to protect you, to keep you in the known space, protecting you from the threat and danger of the unknown. I choose to see it for what it is. And I choose to walk ahead with it and despite it. I choose to thank it for trying to protect me. But the fact is that I don’t need it’s protection. There is no threat out there. Except the voice in my head ofcourse.

I choose to tune out the voice that says I am not good enough. Today I just choose to crank up the volume of the voice in my head that says ” Dilpreet get out there and write whatever you are feeling. You may just inspire someone with the message you have to share. Even if you don’t, you are good enough because you just showed up for yourself”. I love hearing this voice so I am going to just increase its volume for the time being I think.

As for you, sit with this message and really be willing to hear this and feel this – You are more than that voice in you that says you are not good enough. Don’t let that voice decide your choices for you. Speak up. Write. Dance. Share your voice, yourself, your message, in whatever form you want to and know that you are good enough. You are worthy enough. You deserve to shine. Your story, your words have the potential to inspire plenty out there.. Your dreams are important and when you choose to truly deeply believe in them, they show up in your reality. I know this to be true for the dreams I dreamt yesterday are a part of my today. I know that the dreams I am dreaming today are meant to be.

For now I take joy in having showed up here, for having expressed myself.

How are you choosing to show up for yourself today?

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