Your soul’s vision

WE are energy. Our soul is a transcendental living entity that chooses our physical body as an extension of itself, over a lifetime on this earth.
Have you stopped to think that you are more than just skin and bones and internal organs? You are the soul that resides in this body. The energy, i.e your soul and it’s essence, chose to undertake this physical journey to experience the physical dimension and all the variety it has to offer.
Our souls vision roots from the very core of our being and blossoms into the best versions of ourselves, our purpose, our true sense of happiness and belonging.While searching for its true purpose, its vision of what’s ideal, goes above and beyond our version of the connotations of these terms.
Your soul had a vision of what life on earth would mean to it. It wanted to explore all possibilities, all the variety and experiences this physical plane had to offer and most importantly enjoy the physical journey. But once the child was born, it was conditioned to slowly forget that personal truth. You began to accept the limitations your parents and society at large placed on you.
If you are here reading this, you are beginning to remember your soul’s truth. It still might be blurry but deep down you are questioning your life as it is now and you are searching for a meaning, a vision that is seeking you as much as you are seeking it.

One might wonder why some enlighted men like Gautam Buddha or Jesus Christ chose to live a life of suffering when they could easily choose otherwise. It was their soul’s vision, their true purpose in life that led them to their path and now millions follow. Well, now we know better!

I have for the past 14 years walked this path of remembering my life purpose and remembering my soul’s truth. And I created Your Soul’s Vision to guide you through your journey back to your soul’s truth too. It is my desire to remind you and assist you to recall that vision and lovingly hold that vision with you, for you, as you come into alignment with it. For I know that you can and you will get there eventually.

On your journey to Your Soul’s Vision you’ll learn to understand learn and master the Laws of Attraction and understand the power of your thoughts and emotions. I believe the key to knowing your soul’s truth and manifesting the vision lies in accessing deep self love and I would love to show you the path, for I have walked a path of unlearning so many limiting beliefs and conditioning and discovered the beauty of learning to love myself unconditionally. It has not only helped me release layers of conditioning and discover who I really am, it has transformed my life in all aspects be it relationships, money, success and anything else you can imagine.

If you are ready to take back your Power and live life in deep authenticity and joy, then we must connect and co create your soul’s vision.

Blessed Be!

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