The Universe has your back

When HYL spills into your coffee mug… When what you live by is imbued in everything.. When you are sipping your morning tea and this cute little Unicorn reminds you with each sip that “You’re Amazing just the way you are”, when your Inner Child feels loved and warm and fuzzy, how can you not feel grateful for this beautiful gift of life you’ve been blessed with?!

I can’t thank Louise enough for the work she created, she truly transformed my life and that of so many.  I am so grateful to myself for choosing to believe in the possibilities of a truly wonderful life.  I am grateful that I always hold the vision of the life I know has already been created because I asked for it.  I am thankful to myself for always following my inner being’s guidance and taking inspired actions such as randomly picking up this mug, that is such a beautiful way of reinforcing the affirmations without even trying..

When you ask, it’s always given, even your  surrounding becomes eager to see you thrive and breathe in alignment with your inner being. How does it ever get better than this?
I am in so much Gratitude right now for all that is!  Life feels Blissful! This moment is enough! This moment I choose Happiness!
All is perfect, whole and complete!
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Life can be easy if you choose it.

I recently attended a few events which had speakers come up and talk about their lives and how they overcame so much. Its inspiring to see people do that.

I also see a trend of putting struggle and hard work on a pedestal. Most individuals believe and propagate the belief that life is meant to be hard and difficult and full of struggles and only those who propagate the same are really seen as true heroes and an inspiration. I believe in something different now. I believe that life can be easy. Just like any other belief that we carry in our subconscious mind,that we have accepted as the truth, this is just another perception. A perception or a belief is a thought we have thought over and over and over.

So it goes to say that I can replace this old belief with a new one, if I really choose to. I for one have chosen to make the rest of my life, the best of my life. I have decided to have an easy life. I do not say no to struggle and difficulty and hard work. I just choose to say Yes to ease, joy and glory.

I choose to be inspired by people who are choosing the same. Its seems to me that when we are choosing to believe that life is hard and we are overcoming it all by sheer will of our determination, we are trying to prove ourselves to the world and the Universe. But the truth is the Universe already adores me and each one of us just the way we are, by the virtue of the fact that we exist.

And if we are responsible for our own lives and our own happiness, then who are we really trying to prove ourselves to? We are only trying to prove our worthiness to ourselves. And the truth is we already are worthy and deserving. It’s time now we accepted this truth.

We deserve an easy, fun filled, happy life. Each one of you. Let’s release the belief and the story of struggle and hard work and pain, and in it’s place let’s be willing to love ourselves and know we are worthy of ease and fun and happiness.

Let’s inspire others with our stories that are filled with ease, and magnificence and fun. Let’s inspire one person at a time by living our own lives with ease first. Those who are ready to create ease in their life will take their inspiration when needed.

What are you choosing as your life story?

Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream…

When you are connected to the Source at all times, inspiration flows through many channels.

Today as I sang this nursery rhyme to and with my beautiful baby girls,(I am a mom to two beautiful twin girls) , it dawned on me.. Bing Crosby was on to something.. He was on to Abraham’s message..

Row Row Row Your Boat,

Gently down the stream,

Merrily merrily merrily merrily,

Life is but a Dream..

Here I can sense Bing advocating the rowing of life downstream. And as you all who are familiar with Abraham’s words,know that they are always talking about going downstream where life flows through ease and joy and merry and happiness. Whenever we are feeling that we are trying too hard in life, stressing over things in life, working too hard, feeling negative emotions, our inner being is letting us know that we are moving upstream.. And moving upstream does not feel good for it is against the flow of life.

When you are rowing downstream, going with the flow of life, enjoying, connected to your inner being, taking your attention to good feeling thoughts, the rowing is easier and it innately feels good. And that’s where all the joy and happiness and fun lies..

Just follow the path downstream, pivoting your attention on good feeling thoughts, moving from your current place of feeling/thinking to a better feeling thought, deliberately seeking the delicious feeling of relief and feeling better and better, becoming more and more aligned with who you really are.. For you are more than this body, more than this physical experience. You are the soul in this physical form that continues to exist in it’s non physical essence in the non physical realm. This life is but a Dream… Just a small dream in the expanse of the true awakened state of your existence in the non physical realm.

This physical experience we are having on this planet, this physical dimension at the leading edge of thoughts where we are experiencing all these physical life experiences is just a dream.. A dream you can choose the variant of – a good and easy dream you enjoy as you row your boat (life in this case) down the stream as gently and lovingly as you can, having fun through the process Or a dream that feels more like a illusion, filled with struggle and difficulties or pain and unhappiness.

And if you’ve had enough of the illusion, the pain, the struggle, turn your boat around and begin rowing down the stream, where well being abounds and have fun as you flow through this life with ease joy and glory, one with your well being that is your birthright..

I can show you how…connect with me for more on this

Blessed Be!

Law of Attraction is…

For years people were not aware of the existence of Gravity and didn’t understand it’s principles. Yet Gravity existed. Had it not, we would have been flying around aimlessly, not grounded..we would not have really survived come to think of it. We would not have experienced the joys of living on earth, having a house, sailing the oceans and rivers. We would have been spinning at lightning speed with earth’s rotation.. Our brain in tizzy with the movement. Phew!!

And yet human, in time, stumbled upon the principle of Gravity, in one of those Eureka Moment. Well I believe that their desire to understand Gravity was so strong that in a moment when this human was in complete alignment with the Source, allowed the answer and understanding to flow through him.

And just as the Law of Gravity existed even before we began to understand it, the Law of Attraction exists, whether many have still understood and accepted it or not. It did take years for people to accept the earth was round, that Gravity was real. Truth is often that simple yet hard to make sense of. But it’s existence doesn’t really get diminished.

Law of Attraction is… It exists. It is true. It is phenomenal. And I believe in time more and more people will see and understand it’s truth. My job is not to convince others. I am only going to enjoy the process of creation through its principles and as I do so many will join me at the disc I am at (high vibrational space) as they begin to see the value it offers. I am going to have fun creating my life and live it’s truth. And when you begin to wonder how I am having so much fun, and are open to know what I am doing, I’ll show you how..

We are glad that Law of Attraction has a buffer of time in its creation. Else imagine how it would be to have a thought and experience it instantly,before we even got to process our desires by way of contrast. There would be chaos. Just like the lack of Gravity would have created chaos.

And yet there are those still doubting it’s truth. Well I am going back onto my disc. See you all whenever you are ready to join me there.

Have fun

Blessed Be!

Emotions – our Inner GPS System

We are either looking up to God to help us, to give us answers, to guide us, to provide us with solutions Or we are blaming God for how miserable our life is, for not helping us, for letting us suffer, for all that is wrong in the world.
But most of us are not ready to take responsibility of who we are and what we are creating.
God made us in His/Her image.. Which I understand as us being the purest and furthermost extension of that Pure Positive Energy. God gave us free will.. Meaning we choose the life we create, the experiences we attract. The tool for creation is our thoughts.. God created us through His/Her thought and in the same way we create our lives through our thoughts. Our emotions are our GPS, guiding us on this path of creation.. When you are feeling good feeling emotions, you are aligned not just to your inner being, you are aligned with the Source.. When you are feeling bad feeling emotions you know you are off track, you are not aligned with who you really are.. It’s your GPS system telling you you are off the route. You are off the route because you gave attention to something you don’t like and don’t want in your life. How far away you are off the route shows how long you’ve been ignoring your emotional GPS system.. When are feeling absolutely miserable it indicates you’ve been giving attention to something in your thoughts and observing it for so long that it has become really embedded in your reality..
And yet how many of us really do follow the inner GPS system?

Whatever you give attention to in your thoughts, is becoming your life experience

The Law of Attraction is absolute. Whatever you are thinking in this moment, whatever you are reading and whatever emotion this thought is eliciting within you in this moment is becoming a point of attraction and you begin to attract matching experiences to it.

If you are giving attention to things that are not making you feel good and you are feeling a negative emotion about it, that is activating an attraction for experiences that match those negative emotions.

If you read something that does not make you feel good, it’s essence creates a negative emotion in you that when given attention for a certain amount of time, starts gathering momentum and thus begins creating in your life that matches that negative emotion and you find yourself coming across more such news or incidents.

It’s important that you give your attention to things that you really want to create more of in your life.

Have Fun Creating.

Blessed Be!

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